Payroll Management Solution

The ultimate payroll management software that enables you to manage employee wages and salary accurately. Stop using calculator or excel spreadsheet and let MixERP produce payroll for you.

The Best Wage Management System

The wage management feature integrates with the attendance system producing accurate wage calculations. Designed from scratch, we have made it easy peasy for you to quickly understand and identify payroll information. Unlike other payroll software, MixERP provides you complete control to make last minute adjustments whenever you need to.

Have you seen a payroll management system more fun, intuitive, and easier than this?

The Right Way of Posting Salary

You now have the perfect salary management system that works perfectly. Fully integrated with your attendance system, MixERP produces salary calculations for you with just a click of a button. The difference between MixERP and other payroll management software is that there is no need to calculate individual salary components in a spreadsheet and then post into the software. This enables you to reduce mistakes and increase efficiency.

MixERP for Payroll does that for you the right way.

Define taxable salary components
Define nontaxable salary components
Create absenteeism salary deduction rules
Create overtime rules
Create deduction rules
Create pension plans
Exemptions rules: Standard Deduction & Personal Exemption
Salary tax based on income brackets
Employment tax: Social Security Contribution & Medicare
Summarize employee salary information
Save Cost without Cutting Corners

MixERP Community Edition saves you huge upfront and recurring costs from day one.

Why do you need to buy an ERP software when you get the best one for free?

Open Source

Downloaded by over a hundred people daily, MixERP has crossed 50 000 downloads.

Does Free Necessarily Mean Bad?

Free does not have to mean bad. MixERP is free as in both freedom and free beer.

Community Support

Got stuck on something? Ask your questions in the community forums today.

Only When You Need It

We do not force you to buy a commercial license. Use MixERP free forever and pay only when you need support.

Read the ERP User Documentation
The ERP documentation and manual covers the latest version of MixERP. It contains easy-to-follow user guides and handy administration documentation.
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