Frapid Framework

Frapid BETA is a multi-tenant application development framework with a basic built-in CMS (content management system) functionality. Although frapid can build a website, it can do way much more than that.

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Frapid is optimized for the cloud! Leverage the power and flexibility of Frapid to your advantage.

Liberal License

Frapid is MIT-licensed open source application developement framework. All we want is to empower you today and tomorrow! MVC

Frapid is built on top of the tried and tested technology, which exceeds your expectations and blows your mind!


With .NET CLI, Frapid runs natively on Windows, Linux, or OSX. You will love that running Frapid on your tiny server with 256MB RAM and Linux is a real bargain!

Cloud Ready

Frapid already supports multi tenancy and web farm deployments. Scale horizontally or vertically as and when you need!

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