Pay Only When You Need To

Download and install MixERP community edition on a VPS or your local PC for free. If you get stuck on something and need help, buy a support event. We will provide you upto 2 hours of guidance and assistance on fixing your issue for a small fee.

Why Should I Buy Support Event?
If you want us to properly install and configure MixERP CE for you.
If you want us to test and validate your existing installation of MixERP CE.
If you want us to investigate and troubleshoot issues that you have.
Why Do We Charge for Support?

We charge you a small fee because there is no such thing as free lunch. At least not in practical life. There is no magic bullet to pay our bills without charging for support.

How Does Support Event Work?
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Buying a support event also means that you are investing
to create better open source software for everyone like you.