MixERP Hosted Demo

Want to see MixERP in action? Why not access the hosted demo server?

MixERP v2

Due to popular demand, we've added a few new CI boxes and created a build system so that you can see the development as it happens and play around with the new system. Please note that these demo sites are updated as soon as there is a new code commit to one or several of our GitHub repositories. If you happen to access one of these sites during the build process, you might experience some nasty error messages.

Administrator Access
Username: [email protected]
Password: [email protected]

Demo #1 Demo #2 Demo #3

Demo #4 Demo #5

MixERP v1.6 Demo Site

Enter the following information to access the demo site.

Administrator Access
Username: binod
Password: binod

Normal User Access
Username: demo
Password: demo

v1.6 Demo

Some Tips
Never Disclose Information

Never enter any sensitive information like your credit card details, email address, bank account number, etc in the demo site.

Not a Training Site

Do not rely on the demo site as your quick guide or training site because we may occassionally delete the data without your consent.

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