MixERP Certified Developer Program
Straight from the horse's mouth, gain a wealth of knowledge on Frapid Framework and MixERP Core. Being a MixERP Certified Developer provides you the unique advantage of showcasing your ability to develop ERP modules to your prospects and employers.
Why Will You Love This Certification?
Career Boost
You will become an ERP specialist giving you a huge boost on your employability.
Real World Apps
You will have the skills required to develop the real-world applications.
You will be able to customize MixERP the way you want to.
Less Bugs
With proper understanding of MixERP, your modules are likely to have less bugs.
Code Review
We will do free code reviews on the projects that you're working on.
You will be listed on the MCD partner directory along with your own page.
MixERP Certified Developer Eligibility
Programming Knowledge
You have a proper understanding of Microsoft Visual C# and object oriented programming.
Web Framework
You have a proper understanding of and do not need guidance on ASP.net MVC Framework.
Database Server
You possess basic understanding of various database management systems.
MixERP Knowledge
You undestand the functional aspects of MixERP and the underlying technologies.
Apply for MixERP Certified Developer Program
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