How to manage employees?

Employee Management

With MixERP, managing your employees is an easy, natural, and continuous task.

Adding a New Employee

To create a new employee, press the "Add New" button.


Employee IdThis will be automatically generated.
Employee NameThis will be automatically generated.
Employee CodeEnter the alpha-numeric code of this employee.
First NameThe first name of this employee.
Middle NameThe middle name of this employee, if applicable.
Last NameThe last name of this employee, if applicable.
Gender CodeSelect a gender from the list.
Marital Status IdThe current marital status of the employee. Example: married, single, divorced.
Joined OnEnter the date when employee joined (or will join) the service.
Office IdSelect the office where this employee will be working.
User IdSelect the user associated with this employee. You can leave this field empty. However, if you provide a user for this employee, the employee will be able to use Employee Self Service feature.
Employee Type IdSelect employee type from the list.
Current Department IdSelect the current department this employee works under.
Current Role IdSelect the current role of this employee.

Employment Information

Current Employment Status IdSelect the current employment status of this employee. Example: On contract, permanent job, internship, etc.
Current Job Title IdSelect the current job title of this employee. Example: CEO.
Current Pay Grade IdSelect the current pay grade of this employee.
Current Shift IdSelect the current shift employee work on. Example: morning shift, day shift, night shift.
Nationality CodeSelect the nationality of this employee.
Date of BirthEnter the date of birth of this employee.

Bank Details

Bank Account NumberEnter the bank account number of this employee's bank account.
Bank NameEnter the name of the bank on which this employee has account.
Bank Branch NameEnter the name of the bank's branch office which operates this employee's bank account.
Bank Reference NumberEnter the reference number provided by the employee's bank which is related to the bank account.
Account IdSelect the account on which salary and/or wage will be posted to. If you leave this empty, the salary will be posted to payroll account id instead.

Address Information

Enter employee address:

Zip Code, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Street, City, State, and Country.

Contact Information

Enter contact information:

Phone (Home), Phone (Cell), Phone (Office Extension), Phone (Emergency), Phone(Emergency2), Email Address, Web Site, and Blog.

Personal Information

Is SmokerIndicates that the employee is addicted to smoking.
Is AlcoholicIndicates that the employee is addicted to alcohol.
Low VisionIndicates that the employee has a low vision.
Uses WheelchairIndicates that the employee uses wheelchair.
Hard of HearingIndicates that the employee has difficulty hearing.
Is AphonicIndicates that the employee does not speak.
Is Cognitively DisabledIndicates that the employee is cognitively disabled.
Is AutisticIndicates that the employee is autistic.

Mangaing Your Employees

As soon as you create a new employee, he/she goes to the board named "Untitled". Using the Kanban (+) button, you can define unlimited number of boards.

You can now move your employee left or right, back and forth, depending on whatever seems meaningful to you.

Employee Information

To view information of an employee, click on the view button.

The employee information view enables you to manage the following information related to the employee :

  • Attachments
  • Idenfication Details
  • Social Networks
  • Experiences
  • Qualifications
  • Leave Application
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