How to create a new ticket?

Using MixERP Helpdesk, you can submit tickets with various priorities and for different departments. Login to your helpdesk and click on the menu "Create a New Ticket".

SubjectEnter the subject of the ticket that you are going to create.
ServiceSelect the product/service that you purchased. If you have not purchased anything, you will not be able to create a new ticket.
PrioritySelect a priority from the list. Example: Low, Medium, and High.
DepartmentSelect a department for this ticket.
MessageEnter your message


Adding Attachments

You can add several image files as attachments in the ticket. To add an attachment, click on the button "Attachment Manager".


Click on the "Upload" button and select a file to attach. Once the upload is complete, you will see the new upload on the "All File" pane. Select the file and click "Insert" to attach the upload along with this ticket.

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