PostgreSQL Database Documentation Generator: pgdoc

We chose PostgreSQL database for our ERP software MixERP, which is going Beta 1 release very soon. Unlike other ERP solutions which support PostgreSQL, we do not use PostgreSQL just to merely only store the tables. In fact, we try and take the full advantage of PostgreSQL database power and capabilities. Just to remind you, MixERP is an open source ERP solution, which has been undergoing development since a year. Despite of being a very small team, we have been getting a substantial number of requests for our database design.

Since we needed a good documentation generator, I investigated the existing tools which could do that. I was not so pleased with the existing tools related to documentation generation. I thought I would give it a try myself.

For the task, I used and Npgsql, and of course PostgreSQL, as well. During the last few days, I was in PostgreSQL documentation site all the time:

The documentation site provided metadata information profoundly well. There was nothing that was not already there, except for the fact that I could not find a find a way to ask PostgreSQL to give me the definitions of Composite Types. Interestingly, pgAdmin3 could tell me exactly how a Type was defined. Upon investigating what pgAdmin was doing under the hood, I was able to create a function to extract that information. :)

Coming back to my project MixERPPgDoc, it is a small console application exposing a few arguments, and packs all necessary dependencies inside itself. Since it is a self-contained executable file, one should be able to quickly use it and play around with. To give you an idea, MixERPPgDoc creates HTML documentation on the fly. I used a new and sexy CSS component library called SemanticUI for design, and for code highlighting task, prism.js.


mixerp-pgdoc.exe -s=[server] -d=[database] -u=[pg_user] -p=[pwd] -o=[output_dir]


mixerp-pgdoc.exe -s=localhost -d=mixerp -u=postgres -p=secret -o="c:\mixerp-doc"

Example Documentation Site (Produced by MixERPPgDoc) MixERPPgDoc is a free software, even for commercial use. Do not use this against your production database. I am not liable if your screw things up.

If you like it, please do share. MixERP project needs you. :)

Binod Nirvan
Binod Nirvan