MixERP PgDoc on OSX and Linux

MixERP PgDoc is a console-based application that creates beautiful PostgreSQL database documentation. The  first release supported Windows and with the second release today, we now support OSX and Linux (tested on OSX Yosemite and Ubuntu 14.4). Please make sure you  have Mono installed first before you download PgDoc here:

Download PgDoc

Running on OSX and Linux

Extract the downloaded archive mixerp-pgdoc-mono.zip. Open terminal and type

mono /path/to/mixerp-pgdoc.exe <arguments>

Or simply

mono /users/nirvan/desktop/pg-doc/mixerp-pgdoc.exe -s=localhost -d=mixerp -u=postgres -p=secret -o=/users/nirvan/desktop/db-doc
Binod Nirvan
Binod Nirvan