Free PhpBB to Kunena Migration Script

Binod Nirvan

We have migrated our forum from phpBB to Kunena and would like to share the migration script with the Joomla community. Before you run this script, note the following points:

  • This script will delete all the contents of Kunena forum and joomla users. Make a backup before you proceed.
  • To migrate attachments from phpBB, copy the files inside phpBB attachment folder and paste those on 'media/kunena/attachments/migrated/'. Add file extensions to the files (generally .jpg). Done!
  • This script will migrate all phpBB users. Remember, the existing users will have to use the joomla feature "forgot password" in order to reset their password.
  • This script is licensed under GNU/GPLv2. Know your rights.
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PostgreSQL Unit Testing Framework: plpgunit

Binod Nirvan

Plpgunit started out of curiosity on why a unit testing framework cannot be simple and easy to use? Unit testing frameworks for databases are not amongst the most widely available tools for developers particularly if you are building an application that is powered by PostgreSQL- The world’s most advanced open source database, because then your options are further curtailed to almost none in terms of easy implementation and efficient use. However, this has only enabled us to come up with our very own unit testing framework that works solely on PostgreSQL Database and is effortlessly easy to implement. You can simply install the framework and start testing your databases with minimum configuration and no external dependency.

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Fun with Date Expressions

Much emphasis has been given to make sure that MixERP comes out with one of the most elegant user interface for an ERP application. But while doing so, we also make sure that the functionalities of a standard ERP applications are not compromised. Hence, MixERP has been embedded with some very powerful tools and features under the surface. The date expression is among one such example that has been fully implemented into the application already. The Date Expressions in MixERP help you quickly enter corresponding dates into the application by entering simple alphabetical expressions. This will help you save time since you will not be required to type-in/select the entire date every time. For example if you want to enter today's date simply type "d" and hit TAB or click on any other field, MixERP will automatically enter today's date. If you want to enter yesterday's date just type in "-d". Similarly, enter +d for tomorrow's date or "2d" if you want to enter the date of the day after tomorrow. List of all Expressions Applicable  Please Note that these expressions are applicable only for the Date Fields inside the application.

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